British Columbia Interior HamWAN

A modern multi-megabit wide area amateur radio network centered in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

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Currently we have established 3 sites with a total of 7 sectors covering most of the Kelowna area. We are always looking for opportunities to expand.

Coverage Map

Get Connected

We are still documenting the process for licensed amateur radio operators who want to connect to our network. However we are 100% on-air compatible with the Puget Sound Data Ring a radio configured with their instructions will connect to our network.

Hardware Client Configuration

More Information

Additional information about our network can be found on the Orchard City Amateur Radio Club's wiki

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Built By

Members of the Orchard City Amateur Radio Club

Compatible With

We use the same equipment and on-air parameters as the Puget Sound Data Ring in Washington and several other HamWAN style networks in the United States

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With Support From

Alongside other members of our local community